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Department Chair

Chair of Department
470 University Hall


Assistant Professor
308D Dulles Hall
Assistant Professor
486K University Hall
Associate Professor
428 Hagerty Hall
Associate Teaching Professor
424 Hagerty Hall
Assistant Professor
386G University Hall
Professor; Editor of Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men; Director of Graduate Studies
486F University Hall
Assistant Professor
N468 Timashev Building
Associate Professor
486E University Hall
Associate Professor
2057 Founders Hall (Newark Campus)
Associate Professor; Director of Study Abroad Program
486L University Hall
Associate Professor
257 Ovalwood Hall (Mansfield Campus)
Assistant Professor
486G University Hall
Associate Professor
400 Hagerty Hall
Postdoctoral Scholar
386K University Hall
Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies
101C Hughes Hall
Postdoctoral Scholar
386E University Hall
Associate Professor
334 Dules Hall


Affiliated Faculty

Humanities Distinguished Professor
510 Denney Hall
Hazel C. Youngberg Trustees Distinguished Professor
405 Denney Hall
222B Thompson Library
Associate Professor (Department of History)
Associate Professor (Department of Sociology)
Associate Professor (Department of History)
Professor Department of Comparative Studies, Associate Dean for Engagement, College of Arts and Sciences, Faculty Director of the STEAM Factory
426 Hagerty Hall
Professor (Department of Linguistics)

Graduate Student

Ph.D. Student, Social Change and Outreach Student Life Center for Belonging and Social Change
Ph.D. Student, Graduate Research Associate



Program Coordinator
486D University Hall
Student Worker, Class of 2025 World Politics Major
Office Associate
486 University Hall
Administrative Manager
134 Dulles Hall
Managing Editor for Research in African Literatures (RAL) and Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men
486N University Hall
Monica Stigler
Program Manager, Community Extension Center
AAAS Community Extension Center