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Financial Aid for Graduate Studies

In addition to university-wide fellowships awarded directly by the Graduate School on a competitive basis, the Department offers financial support to graduate students in the form of graduate teaching associateships (GTA) and graduate research associateships (GRA). Subject to the availability of funds, the appointment of graduate associates is based on the academic record of the applicants and, on occassion, on the possession of special skills desired by the Department.

Students who are engaged in the study of African languages as part of their academic programs may also be eligible for Foreign Languages and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships, through participating schools which are National Resource Centers. Travel funds for Master's thesis research are also available on a competitive basis through the Office of International Affairs.

Arts and Humanities Funding:
•Arts & Humanities Graduate Research Small Grants Program
•Arts & Humanities Chu Memorial Scholarship
•Arts & Humanities G. Micheal Riley International Academic Fund