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Cross-Listed Courses


CLAS 3956: Black Cultures and Classical Education

COMPSTD 4921: Intersections

ENGLISH 2281: Introduction to African American Literature
ENGLISH 2367.07S: Literacy Narratives of Black Columbus
ENGLISH 4582: Special Topics in African American Literature

HISTART 2101: Introduction to African Art and Archaeology

HISTORY 2080: African American History to 1877
HISTORY 2081: African American History from 1877
HISTORY 3080: Slavery in the United States
HISTORY 3083: Civil Rights and Black Power Movements
HISTORY 3086: Black Women in Slavery and Freedom
HISTORY 3089: Studies in African American History
HISTORY 3304: History of Islam in Africa
HISTORY 3308: History of US-Africa Relations

INTSTDS 4515: Ethnicity, Development and the State in Sub-Saharan Africa

MUSIC 2288: Bebop to Doowop to Hip-Hop: The Rhythm and Blues Tradition

PHILOS 3440: Theorizing Race

POLITSC 4140: Black Politics
POLITSC 4250: African Politics

WGSST 2367.04: Black Women Writers: Text and Context
WGSST 4921: Intersections