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Graduation Requirement

In addition to the department's requirements, the Graduate School has its own set of requirements and procedures for earning a Master’s degree at The Ohio State University. During the semester in which the graduate student intends to graduate s/he must:

  • Register and enroll for at least three graduate credit hours;
  • Submit an Application to Graduate form to the Graduate School no later than the second Friday of the semester;
  • Complete the minimum number of credit hours for his/her program. At least 36 of those credit hours must be completed at this university.
  • Earn a graduate cumulative point hour ratio of at least 3.0.
  • Satisfactorily complete the Master’s Examination and submit the Master’s Examination Report form to the Graduate School no later than Wednesday two weeks before Commencement. The Master’s Examination is taken in the semester in which graduation is expected.
  • Students completing a thesis must submit the Thesis Approval form, the approved thesis, and pay the binding fee at the Graduate School no later than Wednesday, one week before commencement.
  • Final grades for all previous and current courses are due in the Office of the Registrar, in Lincoln Tower, by the deadline published in the Master Schedule of Classes.

For detailed information please consult Part II, Section 5 of the Graduate School Handbook.