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FALL 2021 Featured Courses


Online Asynchronous

AFAMAST 3450: The Art & Politics of Hip Hop 

Instructor: Dr. Jason Rawls(.50)

Brief Overview: This course dives into the world of Hip-Hop, from its birth in the Bronx to its infiltration of music, fashion, television, film, dance, print culture, and politics. We will consider hip-hop’s influence on identity-formation and consumer culture. In doing so, the course materials and discussion will consider critically the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, nation, and geography and the ways in which Hip-Hop functions simultaneously as aesthetic, analytic, and politics.  

Guiding Questions: How can I more understand Hip-Hop as a culture and use this to better understand the world around me?

Potential Texts: J. Chang’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation.

Potential Assignments: Class notes, wrap up sheets, two analytical writing assignments (700–1,000 words each), album review, final project 

Day & Time: Online Asynchronous

Office Number: 614-292-3700



Mansfield Campus

HISTORY 2303: History of Contemporary Africa, 1960s to the Present 

Instructor: Dr. Scopas Poggo(.1)

Brief Overview: The primary aim of this course is to introduce students to the political, economic, and social developments in Africa from the time of the European scramble for the continent to thepresent. Selected historical and contemporary themes include, but are not limited to, the Europeanscramble and partition of Africa, the colonial period, de­ colonization of the continent, foundationsfor economic and social development, civil society and military governance, democraticinstitutions, education and culture, food, disease and health care, ethnic conflicts and civil wars,and Africa's role in international affairs.  A few videos will accompany the lectures and discussions.

Potential Texts:Introduction to the History of African Civilization, Vol. II and Africans and TheirHistory.

GE: Historical Study

GE: Social Diversity in the United States

Potential Assignments: Map quiz, Summaries, Mid-term research paper, Debate paper, Take home final

Day & Time: M & W 1:30-2:50PM

Office Number: 419-755-4202