Pranav Jani Brown Bag Lecture

November 9, 2015
Dr. Pranav Jani

On Friday, November 13, Dr. Pranav Jani, Associate Professor of English at The Ohio State University, will deliver a talk in the AAAS Brown Bag Lecture series, entitled "When the Subaltern Speaks: The BlackLivesMatter Movement and South Asian Studies." The lecture will begin at 1:30 pm and will take place in University Hall Room 386B.

"When the Subaltern Speaks: The BlackLivesMatter Movement and South Asian Studies"

For every social justice organizer in the United States, the emergence of the BlackLivesMatter movement marks a crucial point of rupture, when both the violence of the American state apparatus and the infinite resilience of an awakened community are in full display. For every teacher and researcher concerned with the topics of power and oppression, racialization and identity, difference and solidarity, this moment opens up a space when theories and histories march out of the books and onto the streets. In this presentation, I will discuss how this moment has impacted me in three ways: as a South Asian activist in the United States, as a scholar on South Asian and South Asian American histories and cultures, and as a teacher of postcolonial and ethnic studies. Our discussions of comparative racialization, transnationalism, and intersectionality, I suggest, need to be completely transformed in such moments -- when subalterns show that they not only speak, but yell, rebel, and organize.