Books Available for Review


RAL welcomes scholars to contact us if they would be interested in reviewing one of our available books for review. We ask that potential reviewers request only one book at a time and also that all reviewers keep their reviews to around 500 words and send us their review in three to four months. Our available list of books is below:

African Literature Today 35: Focus on Egypt

Ericka A. Albaugh and Kathryn M. de Luna (eds.), Tracing Language in Movement in Africa

Beggar, Abderrahman. Histoire et mémoire bouraouïennes I

Laura Edmondson, Performing Trauma in Central Africa: Shadows of Empire

Études Littéraires Africaines: Afrique-Brésil

Simon Gikandi and Ndirangu Wachanga (eds.), Ngugi: Reflections on His Life of Writing

John C. Hawley (ed.), Queer Theory in Film & Fiction, African Literature Today 36

Matthias Krings, African Appropriations: Cultural Difference, Mimesis, and Media

Fiona Moola (ed.), Natures of Africa: Ecocriticism and Animal Studies in Contemporary Cultural Forms

David Murphy (ed.), The First World Festival of Negro Arts, Dakar 1966: Contexts and Legacies

Jeannine Murray-Román, Performance and Personhood in Caribbean Literature

Emmanuel N. Ngwang and Kenneth Usongo, Art and Political Thought in Bole Butake

Valérie K. Orlando, New African Cinema

Femi Osofisan, The Muse of Anomy: Essays on Literature and the Humanities in Nigeria

Pamela A. Pears, Front Cover Iconography and Algerian Women's Writing: Heuristic Implications of the Recto-Verso Effect

Reiland Rabaka, The Negritude Movement: W. E. B. Du Bois, Leon Damas, Aime Cesaire, Leopold Senghor, Frantz Fanon, and the Evolution of an Insurgent Idea

Rose A. Sackeyfio and Blessing Diala-Ogamba (eds.), Emerging Perspectives on Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo

Arthur F. Saint-Aubin, The Memoirs of Toussaint and Isaac Louverture

Nicole Simek, Hunger and Irony in the French Caribbean: Literature, Theory, and Public Life

Phyllis Taoua, African Freedom: How Africa Responded to Independence

Hervé Tchumkam, State Power, Stigmatization, and Youth Resistance Culture in the French Banlieues: Uncanny Citizenship

Slava I. Yastremski, Michael M. Naydan, and Maria Badanova (trans.), Nikolai Gumilev's Africa