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Books Available for Review

RAL welcomes scholars to contact us if they would be interested in reviewing one of our available books for review. We ask that potential reviewers request only one book at a time and also that all reviewers keep their reviews to around 500 words and send us their review in three to four months. Our available list of books is below:

Ali, Dusé Mohamed, Ere Roosevelt Came, edited by Marina Bilbija and Alex Lubin

Babikir, Adil, The Beauty Hunters: Sudanese Bedouin Poetry, Evolution and Impact

Cleveland, Kimberly, Africanfuturism: African Imaginings of Other Times, Spaces, and Worlds

Drury, Annmarie, The Imaginative Vision of Abdilatif Abdalla’s Voice of Agony

Galla, Pumla Diner, Miriam Tlali: Writing Freedom

Gintsburg, Sarali, and Ruth Breeze, African Migrations: Trasversing Hybrid Landscapes

Guignery, Vanessa, Conversations with Ben Okri

Hiddleston, Jane, Research Monographs in French Studies 66

Hodgson, Janet, Ntsikana: His Great Hymn and His Enduring Legacy on Black Consciousness

Ige, Segun, Gilbert Motsaathebe, and Komedi Ochieng, A Companion to African Rhetoric

Kamara, Mohamed, Colonial Legacies in Francophone African Literature

Kalliney, Peter J., The Aesthetic Cold War

MacLeod, George S., Mediating Violence from Africa: Francophone Literature, Film, and Testimony after the Cold War

McCusker, Maeve, Fictions of Whiteness: Imagining the Planter Caste in the French Caribbean Novel

Miller, Judith G., and Sylvie Chalaye, Contemporary Francophone African Plays: An Anthology

Mitsein, Rebekah, African Impressions: How African Worldviews Shaped the British Geographical Imagination across the Early Enlightenment

Mudimbe-Boyi, Élisabeth, Berry l'Ancien: Un engagement pour les modernités congo

Munro, Martin (trans.), Scrabble: A Chadian Childhood by Michael Ferrier

Ogbaa, Kalu, The Life and Times of Chinua Achebe

Past, Mariana, and Benjamin Hebblethwaite (Eds.), Stirring the Pot of Haitian History by Michel-Ralph Trouillot

Quayson, Ato, and Ankhi Mukherjee, Decolonizing English Literary Curriculum

Rice, Alison, Transpositions: Migration, Translation, Music

Ross, Michael L., Words in Collision

Ryan, Connor, Lagos Never Spoils: Nollywood and Nigerian City Life

Tchumkam, Hervé, Precarious Lives and Marginal Bodies in North Africa

Vaughan, Olufemi, Letters, Kinship, and Social Mobility in Nigeria