Study Abroad

There are four programs currently for studying abroad:

Southern Africa

Program Information
The South Africa Study Program is an extension of an interdisciplinary course (AFAM&AST 5485.01, Southern Africa: Society and Culture) to be offered by the Department of African American and African Studies during Summer session course. In this class, students will be introduced to the predominant cultural, social, and historical themes of the region. Students will travel to South Africa to visit and study sites of cultural and historical importance. The sites are selected for their role in the history and politics of their time, and reflect the general social context of South African life. Lectures and demonstrations will be presented throughout the study abroad program. Note: AFAM&AST 5485.01 may apply toward the GEC requirement. Contact: Louise Yahiaoui (

South Africa


Program Information
The Intensive Swahili Language and Culture Program provides opportunities for students to extend and enrich their learning of Swahili. This six-week program offers over 150 contact hours of language training taught by faculty of the MS-Training Centre for Development Cooperation (MS-TCDC) in Arusha. In addition, students will be introduced to the rich heritage of East African culture and participate on field trips to places of historic and cultural importance. Contact: Caitlin King ( )

Global May Uganda

Program Information
The East African country of Uganda is characterized by the beauty and resilience of its natural landscape as well as that of the people who live there. How Ugandans have sought their livelihoods, developed their culture, and pursued peace, security and prosperity in their lives will be the focus of this three week program. Students will spend a third of their time in Uganda's bustling capital, Kampala, attending lectures at the School for International Training and in interactive visits of sites, organizations, and with people that embody historical and contemporary Uganda. Students will also consider issues facing rural Ugandans in a number of communities. development, rural health, education, agriculture, the environment and tourism will be explored from bases in Kamuli and Jinja towns, east of Kampala. A visit to the Murchison Falls National Park will immerse students in Uganda's natural environment. Above all the program will promote engagement with many representatives of Ugandan society: educators, professionals, artists, politicians, students, activists and others who advocate for Ugandans' human security. Contact: Louise Yahiaoui (

OSU at the Equator

Afro-Brazilian Culture and History

Program Information
This course will consist of a two-week educational Study Trip that combines formal lectures by local scholars with visits to local cultural and historical institutions as well as travel within Brazil, the host Latin American country. In Salvador, studens will explore some of the contemporary advances and challenges of the people of Bahia. The in-country portion of this course will serve as the second half of our introduction to Brazil which is offered during spring semester. This program is specifically designed for students of any major who are interested in learning about the global significance of Brazil. There will also be opportunities for students to collaborate, and interact with Brazilian university students tand professors for cross-cultural exchange and activities.Contact: Robert Bennett (

Dr. Curtis Austin and Dr. Leslie Alexander.