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Zambia: History and Culture



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The East African country of Uganda is characterized by the beauty and resilience of its natural landscape as well as that of the people who live there. How Ugandans have sought their livelihoods, developed their culture, and pursued peace, security and prosperity in their lives will be the focus of this three week program. Students will spend a third of their time in Uganda's bustling capital, Kampala, attending lectures at the School for International Training and in interactive visits of sites, organizations, and with people that embody historical and contemporary Uganda. Students will also consider issues facing rural Ugandans in a number of communities. development, rural health, education, agriculture, the environment and tourism will be explored from bases in Kamuli and Jinja towns, east of Kampala. A visit to the Murchison Falls National Park will immerse students in Uganda's natural environment. Above all the program will promote engagement with many representatives of Ugandan society: educators, professionals, artists, politicians, students, activists and others who advocate for Ugandans' human security. 

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