School for Field Studies, Tanzania


Ohio State works in cooperation with the School for Field Studies, the oldest and largest educational institution in the United States exclusively dedicated to teaching and engaging undergraduates in environmental problem solving. SFS programs teach resource management, ecological and economic concepts using an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach. Critical issues addressed by SFS teams include preserving entire ecosystems or individual species, balancing economic development and conservation and finding ways to manage and maintain wildlife, marine and agricultural resources. Faculty lectures and readings provide the theoretical information while field work and practical, interdisciplinary activities enable hands-on experience. The 30-day summer course concentrates on one general lecture-format class. The semester course covers four classes. Each program includes a field research component during which students design and conduct a field project related to a current issue in the community being studied.


Spring Semester - Tanzania Only (Focus: Wildlife Management Studies)
Autumn Semester - Kenya and Tanzania (Focus: Wildlife Management Studies)
Summer Session I - Tanzania (Focus: Wildlife Management and Conservation)
Summer Session II - Tanzania (Focus: Techniques for Wildlife Field Research)
Summer Session II - Kenya (Focus: Field Practicum in Public Health and Environment)

Note: The dual-country (Kenya & Tanzania) Wildlife Management Studies Spring 2013 Semester will operate in Tanzania only.