Shaida Akbarian


Shaida Akbarian

Doctoral Student

Areas of Expertise

  • Ontololgies of (anti)blackness
  • Afro-Pessimism
  • Black geographies
  • Neoliberalism


  • California State University, San Bernardino, M.A.
  • University of California, Riverside, B.A.

Courses taught for the Department of Ethnic Studies at California State University, East Bay:

ES 3110: Racism in America

ES 3000: Ethnic Writers

ES 2300: The Black Cinematic Tradition

ES 2175: Hip-hop Nation

ES 1005: Viewing Diversity

ES 3430: Interracial Sex and Marriage

Courses taught at OSU:

AFAMAST 2218: Black Urban Experience

AFAMAST/PHIL 3440: Theorizing Race