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Academic Misconduct. The Committee on Academic Misconduct (COAM) is responsible for reviewing all cases of plagiarism or any other act that compromises the academic integrity of the university. If you suspect that a student has violated the University's Code of Student Conduct, COAM recommends that you notify the student of your suspicions (this is not mandatory). This can be done via a personal, private conversation and a witness is recommended. In addition, please contact the chair immediately to discuss the allegations and to write a letter of acknowledgement before proceeding. Visit COAM's site for more information about these processes, policies and tips on how to prevent academic misconduct.  

ASC Information Technology Services (Departmental computing issues only) | If your university issued computer/equipment is malfunctioning, please contact ASC Technology Services at asctech@osu.edu or by submitting an online ticket. WGSS staff can help you address the issue if you have any questions. If you would like to speak with someone directly, feel free to contact Arts and Sciences Technology at 614-688-4447 or asctech@osu.edu.

Classroom Services (Instructional Rooms only) | If you are experiencing technological issues or need software installed, equipment delivered, etc., please visit Classroom Services or call (614) 247-4357 (HELP). 

Class cancellations | In the event that you need to cancel your class and you know ahead of time, try to find a substitute instructor or schedule an assignment for work outside the classroom. For unexpected absences, contact the AAAS front desk at (614) 292-3700 as soon as possible with the reason for the cancellation. If necessary, we can post the cancellation notice on the door. Be sure to communicate this as soon as possible with your students. The office staff cannot provide proctoring assistance or instructional services.

Copying/printing/scanning | The high-volume copier/scanner/printer is in the main office, 486 University Hall, and a smaller unit available in both 486 and 386 University Hall. We would like to stress the importance of minimizing copying and encourage you to utilize Carmen and other online resources. We do realize that access to needed materials is very important and simply ask that you try to limit dependency on these resources not eliminate it.

Conference Rooms | If the business of your event is related to the department or to The Ohio State University, please request a reservation through any AAAS staff member. We have a seminar room in 386 University Hall. University Hall offers a couple of conference rooms but availability is not guaranteed. If the conference rooms in University Hall are not available, a classroom can be scheduled. Thompson Library and the Ohio Union offers room reservations and rentals at no charge for student organizations (larger specialty rooms with the OSU Libraries (listed on their website) are available for renting through a separate process, which can be found here).

Computing Centers. ASC Tech hosts a computing center for ASC Graduate Students. Room 346R Hopkins Graduate Lab is a 15-seat Mac computer lab for general and research computing. This is only accessible by ASC graduate students via BuckID swipe access. To gain access, email Marthe Grohman, grohman.1@osu.edu

Email/Login: OSU email and university login issues can be directed to 8-HELP or OCIO Self Service

Facilities and Repairs | If you’re having problems with your office (light is out, strange odors, malfunctioning outlets, heating/cooling issues, etc), you can submit a Facilities Repair Request. As always, WGSS staff are available to assist with these issues. If the situation is an emergency or you would prefer to speak with someone directly, feel free to contact OSU Facilities at 614-292-4357 (2-4357 from a campus phone) or visit fod.osu.edu to enter a service request.

FERPA: Privacy of Student Records | All instructors are required to comply with the Family Educational and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) which sets forth requirements designed to protect the privacy of student education records. For instructors, this means 1) that grades must not be posted unless accompanied by an identifier that is unrecognizable by anyone other than the student and never emailed; 2) rosters, etc. must not be left in public or semi-public areas; 3) references must not contain grade or grade-point information unless the student has given prior written consent. Other protected information that should not be divulged includes students' social security number, race or ethnicity, gender, nationality, academic performance or disciplinary records. You can self-enroll in an online Carmen course (recommended) to learn more about this federal policy. 

Retention of Student Materials | Per university rules 3335-7-231(B) and 3335-7-23(A), instructors are required to store student coursework for the current semester plus two terms and then destroy. You should return student work or make it available for student's inspection (after you have evaluated/graded/marked) during the semester in which the work was submitted to meet class requirements. In the case of final exams or final projects, you should make the work available no later than the 14th day ofthe subsequent semester. Remember, it is a violation of FERPA to leave graded papers in a public folder for student pick up. Be sure to leave these with the front desk! Any work remaining will need to be retained and shredded to protect student privacy. 

Room assignments | If the classroom does not meet your instructional needs, please let the AAAS office know as soon as possible as space is a premium at OSU. If you would like to view the types of classrooms OSU offers, visit the Classroom Services website. If you're having an issue with your classroom technology or need to request software installation, use this link or dial 4-HELP or (614)-247-HELP. 

Student Evaluation of Instruction | OSU instructors are required to give students the opportunity to evaluate their teaching. The Registrar provides a ten-question survey called the Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI). This can be completed online for instructors. After the term, the system generates statistics for each class, as well as group statistics to compare this class to other classes across OSU. Instructors can generate reports to view these statics. In addition, you will also be required to disseminate a paper discursive evaluation to your classroom that is returned to the department for more qualitative assessment. 

Study rooms | OSU Thompson Library has group study rooms available for students to reserve. You can view the calendar and sign up online

Waitlist Requests | See the Enrollment Management for Instructors page for a guide on how to handle student enrollment and waitlist requests. You can also refer students to the AAAS Waitlist Policies for Students page.